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Understanding Condo Conversion Costs in DC: A Comprehensive Guide

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Condo conversion is an appealing option for property owners and real estate developers in Washington, D.C., seeking to maximize the value of their assets. However, understanding the associated costs is crucial for making informed decisions and planning accordingly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the 3 different cost components of condo conversion and provide insights into Zed Condos’ transparent pricing structure.


  1. D.C. Filing Fees: When initiating a condo conversion in the District, property owners must account for the filing fees by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), DC Surveyors Office, and the DC Recorder of Deeds. These DC filing fees typically total around $870 for 2-unit condo conversion.


When filing for a condo conversion in the District, the following are the associated fees:

  • Step 1: $100 per Eligibility to Convert application (DHCD fee) Or $100 per unit for Tenant Election Certification Fee for tenant occupied properties (or $800 total, whichever amount is greater) (DHCD fee)
  • Step 2: $100 per condo unit and parking unit for the Public Offering Statement Application (DHCD fee)
  • Step 3: Condo Document Recordation Fee (DC Recorder of Deeds), typically ~$75 AND Plat and Plan Recordation (DC Surveyors Office fee), typically ~$495 per application.


  1. Third-Party Fees: Property owners must also budget for fees associated with third-party services essential to the condo conversion process. These third-party fees typically total around $1,700 for 2-unit condo conversion. These fees may include:
  • Architect’s report fees, covering the evaluation of the property’s structural aspects and compliance with regulatory requirements. The architect of record often already includes this in their scope of work for condo permit plans, otherwise this typically costs around $500 for 2-unit condo.
  • Surveyor Engineer’s Plat and Plan Survey fees for conducting the condominium plat and plan survey, essential for defining individual condo units and common areas. Here is list of licensed survey companies who are registered with DC Surveyors Office that you can use. This typically costs around $1,200 for 2-unit condo.


  1. Zed Condos’ Service Fee: Zed Condos specializes in providing end-to-end condo conversion services, encompassing project management, condominium document processing, and expediting. Our comprehensive service fee starts at $7,000, covering all three pivotal steps of the condo conversion process. Zed Condos ensures that property owners receive the full-service experience they deserve.


Exploring Zed Condos’ Pricing: While some companies may advertise lower flat rates, it’s essential to consider the scope of work included in their services. Companies offering flat rates of around $6,500 may not provide expediting or project management services or handover meeting post sales, leaving property owners to navigate parts of the process independently. Conversely, firms that charge hourly rates may incur costs ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 or higher, making condo conversion financially prohibitive for many property owners.


At Zed Condos, we’ve priced our services to be attainable for property owners who value comprehensive support and guidance throughout the condo conversion process. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden fees or surprises along the way. With Zed Condos, you can embark on your condo conversion journey with confidence, knowing that you’re partnering with experienced professionals dedicated to your success.


So how much does condominium conversion cost in Washington DC?

For a 2-unit condo conversion in DC, you should budget approximately $870 for DC filing fees, $1,700 for third-party fees, and $7,000 for Zed Condos’ comprehensive services.


Condo conversion offers property owners and real estate developers in Washington, D.C., a lucrative opportunity to unlock the full potential of their assets. By understanding the costs associated with condo conversion and choosing the right partner, property owners can navigate the process efficiently and achieve their goals. With Zed Condos’ transparent pricing and comprehensive services, your condo conversion project is in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in bringing your condo project vision to life.

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Saman Zomorodi
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